Danny Brown has been relatively quite since releasing Old, and while we haven't really been getting any new music from him (apart from "Sweeney Song"), he's still making the interview rounds from time to time. Yesterday he sat down with Sway Calloway on RapFix and shared some of what he's been up to since Old. Among his adventures, Danny had some involvement in Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" video, he's visited South Africa, and he met Eminem. Just regular day stuff.

"I feel like I'm the new underground king or somethin'," the Detroit native said of his current status in the rap game. He continued to discuss how his new-found fame has allowed him to tour the world, specifically, South Africa, which he said gave him some perspective on his own life problems.

"I was just in South Africa. They painted me a mural and things like that. It kinda made me feel bad, 'cause being from Detroit you know how it's so messed up out there, and you think we livin' so bad, but then you go out there and see they situation, but then it's like they happy though, and it's like what we trippin' for?" Danny reflected. "It just gave me a whole new sense of appreciation, for a lot of things."

Danny also spoke briefly on his encounter with living legend Eminem, revealing that the two connected in Brussels and just "kicked it." Maybe next time they kick it, it'll be in a studio? 

"I met him in Brussels. We kicked it one time," Danny said of meeting Eminem. "We pretty much talked about Detroit the whole time which was pretty cool. I liked that he was super humble. I feel like I met Marshall, I didn't meet Eminem. I hope to kick it with him a few more times."

How crazy would an Eminem x Danny Brown collaboration be?