Yesterday, after quite the absence, Danny Brown delivered his first bit of music in a minute, "When It Rain." The music came in video form, and undoubtedly builds excitement for his forthcoming album which is due out on Warp Records-- a label change from his last album's release, Old, on Fool's Gold.

Following the release of "When It Rain," Danny took some time to jump on a call with Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe, where he discussed the forthcoming album and his label switch-up.

When it comes to joining the Warp Records family, Danny says, "It was time for me to renegotiate and Warp came in, and I was always a fan of what they do too, they have a big, strong history and legacy, I feel like I can progress a little more in that world." He made sure to preface this with the fact that it's all love between him and Fool's Gold.

As for the new album, which we don't know the title of yet, Danny reveals he's basically been working on it for two years. "I've been working on it, I probably took like maybe four months [off] after Old came out, so I would say probably like March of 2014."

"I just played video games and sit around the house, you know, I really tried to be like a regular person, go to Wal-Mart," He says of the four months he took off. He added, "I just wanted to be regular for a while."

Going back to discussion of his album with Lowe, the gap-toothed rapper says, "Pretty much with my albums they always document what I'm going through. So I guess this album is just really about, after XXX was over with, and me making Old, and what I was going through around that time. Every album is like a documentary. 'Cause with Old it was about going back and then taking you to the future, so with this one it's like picks up where XXX leaves off I would say."

"Talking Heads was a big influence on this album," he added, shrugging off Lowe's comments that this will be a "Detroit album."

Check out the interview below.