There was plenty of drama at the UFC 210 weigh-ins today, from Pearl Gonzalez reportedly being banned from competing due to her breast implants, to Daniel Cormier miraculously losing 1.2 pounds in two minutes to make weight before the deadline passed.

Cormier and his opponent, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, had both been cutting weight to get down to the mandatory 205 lbs but Johnson had no issues, stepping on the scale at a cool 103.8. It wasn't so easy for Cormier.

When the Heavyweight champ first stepped on the scale it read 206.2. He then went to the back and emerged just two minutes later weighing 205 on the dot.

Why was he allowed a second opportunity, you ask? 

Allow NYSAC executive director Tony Giardina to explain.

Just how Cormier was able to get down to 205 mere minutes after weighing in at 206.2 remains a mystery, though some believe it had something to do with the way his hands were placed on that towel.

Whatever the case may be, it'll be Cormier vs Johnson for the Heavyweight title at UFC 210 in Buffalo, NY this Saturday.