Red Dead Redemption 2 touched down this past weekend, and gamers across the world threw their other titles aside. Marvel's Spider-Man? Maybe later. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? What's the point? In one fell swoop, gamers watched all their online friends convert from playing whatever game they been entrenched in before Friday, to Red Dead Redemption 2. Some gamers have already invested endless hours into the game, and those who ventured far enough into the story mode picked up on what appears to be a new song from the ever elusive D'Angelo. His appearance on the soundtrack was never announced, and some fans are still unsure if it's really D'Angelo on the song.  

As reported by ComplexLittle Brother's Phonte was the first to pick up on the new song and alert the Twitterverse. The song steers clear of D'Angelo's usual soul vibe and dives into Red Dead's Western atmosphere. The chilling single, entitled "May I? Stand Unshaken" can be heard during chapter 5 of the story mode between the “Paradise Mercifully Departed” and “Dear Uncle Tacitus” missions. D'Angelo has not released a new album since 2014's Black Messiah, which was his first project in 14 years. This may be a hint that the soulful crooner is working on some new music.