When sampling, producers usually try to find obscure and/or rare source material to draw from, both because they don't want listeners to associate their final product with a song they already know, and because they'd likely to avoid copyright issues. But sometimes, out-of-the-box ideas will come to fruition, and lead producers to sample from well-known, but unexpected places. 

These 10 songs don't contain the most obscure samples, but they do pull from sources that may be familiar. Children's television, Kenny G songs, and indie rock are all sampled here, by artists as diverse as MF DOOM and 2 Chainz. Some might give you deja vu, some you may not recognize, but all will make you question what the producer was thinking when he/she flipped each sample into surprisingly awesome results. 

Named for possibly the most obnoxious DJ tag in existence, Damn Son, Where'd You Find This will show you that dopeness can be born from things that are perceived to be lame or childish. If you think there are any glaring omissions from this list, shout them out in the comments.