The NBA has issued a warning to Portland Trail Blazers All Star Damian Lillard for violating the league’s anti-flopping rule on April 7 during a game against the Denver Nuggets.

On the play in question, Lillard fell to the floor after being touched by Denver's Mason Plumlee on a three-point attempt. Plumlee was whistled for a foul, but the league has since determined it was a flop.

In response to the warning, Lillard posted the following on twitter: "When they don’t call shit for the whole game u gotta sell it ... and there was contact oh well."

Lillard and the Blazers are currently sitting in fourth place in the Western Conference with two games remaining in the regular season.

The Blazers (51-29) will take on the Lakers at Staples Center on Tuesday night, followed by the regular season finale, at home, against the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday.

As the playoff seeding stands now, Portland will host the Utah Jazz in the first-round of the playoffs, but there's still plenty to be decided in the next two nights.