Ever since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, there have been massive protests all across the country. These demonstrations have been organized and met with a ton of resistance from the police. Regardless, people continue to protest the injustices that have been committed for years and it's a beautiful sight to see everyone so united. Athletes have been adding their voice to these discussions and some have even shown up to protests.

Damian Lillard is one of those players as, over the past couple of days, he has been spotted walking arm in arm with protesters in Portland, Oregon. The images of Lillard's presence in these protests have been quite powerful and on Twitter, he continues to speak out against police brutality and the horrific images that have been a mainstay on the news.


"If you attack the police then they have the right/reason to arrest you... but when the police attack YOU then you have the right to lay down and beg for your life?" Lillard questioned.

These conversations are extremely important at this time in the country's history and it's dope to see someone like Lillard come out and speak his mind. Plenty of other NBA stars are doing so as well which is certainly going to help propel the conversations, even more.