Damian Lillard and his Portland Trail Blazers teammates came through with a big win on Saturday as they tied up their series against the Denver Nuggets at two games apiece. The Blazers and the Nuggets look fairly even so far and if Lillard can put together some of his signature performances, then the Blazers could be well on their way to an upset that would shake up the Western Conference playoff picture.

After last night's game, Lillard was wearing a unique button-up shirt that seemed to have some interesting textures to it. Not everyone was a fan of the attire, which led to someone on Twitter commenting "why you wearing car carpet as a designer?" Lillard is known for being active on Twitter, which allowed him to see the disparaging remark. This led to a pretty hilarious clap back as Lillard said "Cuz it’s a Lamborghini carpet."

NBA players have been showcasing some interesting outfits over the past few years and Lillard has certainly been one of the players who aren't shy to showcase his varied taste. After all, fashion is an expression of your individualism and it is always cool to see guys taking risks with their wardrobes.

As for the Blazers' next game, they will be taking on the Nuggets on Tuesday, in Denver for Game 5. 

Damian Lillard

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images