Dame Dash gets sh*t done. It may not always be done with grace, but in a results-oriented world, the mogul has proven his worth. Now, not long after burying the hatchet with Jay-Z, Lyor Cohen, and Jim Jones, Dame Dash has once again found himself making waves. In a video uploaded by The Score, Dash appears downright incensed at an unnamed jeweler, whom he accuses of selling stolen jewelry. Pointing out a piece he once had commissioned by Jacob The Jeweler, Dash proceeds to add some context to his accusations.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

"You're selling stolen property. This is mine," say Dash. "Get the police. Somebody stole this out my house. I got this made." As the Jeweler calls security, Dame's anger intensifies. "This is stolen property!" he repeats. "Let everyone know this store is selling stolen property!" Not to be confused with State Property.

At this point, a security guard emerges to smooth things over, but Dame is having none of it. Eventually, some diplomacy occurs offscreen, and Dash is next seen conversing with the Jeweler. He proceeds to call the shop an "honest business," revealing that they actually returned the stolen chain to Dash. The mogul proceeded to leave with chain intact and spirits high.