Dame Dash is still in the midst of settling his court disputes regarding unpaid child support, but that isn't going to stop the mogul from handling his business. It's been reported that Dash purchased the majority interest in his ex-wife Rachel Roy's clothing company, the Rachel Roy Collection, from its owner, Topson Down. However, Dash has gone public about the company, calling them "culture vultures" and saying that they have done him dirty with shady business practices.

"This is the guy joe Wirht who thinks his company @topsondowns can just abuse people of color and women," Dash wrote on Instagram. "Him and his man Danny wanna talk slick to women and only look out for his own family and paid Rachel’s lawyer instead of sending my money to child support ... 400 grand and I have the proof...and then they tried to make daughter pay for her moms clothes ...and locked Rachel out of her own account...tried to steal the Identity of my family luxury brand...they robbed me of at least 6 million dollars over the last 3 years...I need all that back."

Dame also called out websites such as TMZ, Women's Wear Daily, and The New York Times for not speaking up on such a dire issue. "I really hope y’all not protecting these culture vultures cause it’s karma season no more looking the other way," he said. "This is real CEO beef for real money not that fake #lyorcohn s**t and @funkflex watch how bosses play for real #staytuned #my100milliondollarcompany if you never put your own money up mind your business you cant relate."

The claims coincide with Dash recently turning himself over to officials over his outstanding warrants for unpaid child support. Dash told TMZ that his child support money is deducted from his interest in Roy's collection, so if it wasn't being paid, he had no knowledge. He denies stiffing any of his exes when it comes to paying up.