Dak Prescott loves his dogs so the news that both of his dogs escaped while he wasn't home, with one allegedly attacking a neighbor, probably surprised him. Authorities in Frisco, Texas are currently holding one of his dogs in custody for 10 days after allegedly biting his neighbor who tried to break up a fight with the pit bull and another dog that was apparently going at it through a fence. According to TMZ, the incident happened at around 10:51 A.M. on Monday. The woman who was attacked was brought to the hospital but her injuries are not life-threatening and she will reportedly be okay.

Cops say both of Dak's dogs had escaped through an "unsecured door" and that they were both found on the same property. Fortunately, the second dog didn't attack anybody and was brought back to Prescott's home. As of right now, the incident is considered a Class C demeanor which could mean a $500 fine for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Dak could still risk being brought to court on a civil lawsuit which has happened to high profile athletes in the past, including Blake Griffin when he played for the Los Angeles Clippers.

We just hope Dak's dogs are okay and that he gets home to them soon.