At this point, many have accepted DaBaby as one of hip-hop's breakout stars. And while he has since assembled more than a few hits to his name, it's fair to say that his Baby On Baby highlight "Suge" served as the launchpad for the outlandish North Carolina rapper. With its endearingly cartoonish music video, reference to one of hip-hop's most notorious musical dynasties, and plenty of character to go around, "Suge" served as the perfect introduction to the rising DaBaby. 

Since its initial release in early 2019, the official music video for "Suge" has since amassed over two-hundred and fifty-seven million views on YouTube alone. Impressive numbers, and enough to solidify it as his second-most-watched clip behind "Bop." But that's only one avenue -- as it happens, Our Generation Music has confirmed that "Suge" has officially surpassed one billion on-demand streams, a testament to the song's universal popularity.

Not too shabby. While there has admittedly been a shift in favor toward DaBaby -- an inevitable risk whenever a rapper gains popularity quickly -- the proof is clearly fixed in the pudding. No matter how you feel about the Blame It On Baby artist, it's evident that "Suge" is an undeniable anthem and likely to continue climbing. Now that DaBaby has since offered up two albums since Baby On Baby first arrived, do you feel that "Suge" remains his definitive anthem?