DaBaby was not about to let one eager fan snatch his chain away. As reported by TMZrising star DaBaby was performing at the Prime Festival in Lansing, MI on Friday night. Booked for a 30 minutes set, DaBaby hopped on stage and planned on completing a quick show with no hiccups. For the most part, things went smoothly, it was just one fan who got a little too close that almost created a bad situation. Witnesses told TMZ that DaBaby was performing his set with only a barricade separating himself from the fans. In footage from the show, you can see DaBaby lean over the barricade while he's rapping. At one point, several hands reach for him and one appears to grab at his chain. 

It isn't clear whether DaBaby's punch even landed, but no police were called and no lawsuits were filed so there must not have been any blowback from the fan. That is good news for DaBaby, who has gained a reputation of being involved in or around altercations. His crew was caught on tape beating someone down who asked for a photo, and DaBaby himself beat up a man at a mall that was causing a scene.