DaBaby may occasionally embody a larger than life character on wax, but the North Carolina rapper hasn't been afraid to showcase vulnerability through his music. On Kirk's "Intro," DaBaby surprised fans with an introspective reflection on his relationship with his father, after whom the album was named. Now, following the tragic death of his brother Glen Johnson, who took his own life on November 3rd, DaBaby has once again turned to his creative outlet to pay homage.


Carmen Mandato/Getty Images 

Taking to Instagram to preview his upcoming tribute "My Brother's Keeper," DaBaby highlights what's shaping up to be his most emotional track so far. "I'm my brother's keeper and it's been like that forever," he begins, his delivery melodic. "We can't help the shit we've seen,  we had to live through that together / All these demons on my soul, Lord I need help fighting these devils." As the verse kicks in, DaBaby proceeds to reflect on their shared upbringing, penning personal anecdotes and painting a picture of their familial dynamic.

"Get a degree, I'ma help you get there," begins Baby, in the opening verse. "Two jobs Mama working minimum wage, barely having welfare / we was motivated by them pitiful days, we was raised the right way." His voice nearly breaks as he vividly reflects on their days bickering in Church, only to receive holy beatings from their mother on the car ride home. "Feel like a prisoner in my mind, no one to talk to," he sings, transitioning back into a melodic delivery. "Don't let depression go unchecked, that shit will cost you."

Check out the preview here, and look for "My Brother's Keeper" to arrive in full this coming Friday. Send some love to DaBaby in the comments below.