Information regarding this tragic news is still developing but it's being reported that DaBaby's older brother has passed away in Charlotte, North Carolina. TMZ shared the news story earlier today (November 3) that Glen Johnson suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Johnson reportedly posted a video of himself to social media that showed him "upset and crying" as he sat in a car while holding a firearm.

DaBaby, Suicide, Glen Johnson
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

The outlet also reported that in the video, "DaBaby's brother claimed he had been wronged a lot in the past." Johnson was reportedly the father of three daughters and a son.

This isn't the only loss DaBaby has suffered in recent years; the rapper has been candid about his struggle with coming to terms with his father's death and has spoken at length about what it was like for him grieving while his career was on the rise

"After losing my pops unexpectedly a couple weeks after popping as a mainstream artist I numbed out ALL feelings," DaBaby tweeted last month. "Wins felt the same way losses did, like nothing. All that sh*t I accomplished 2019, all the records broke all the history I made, I ain’t feel none of that sh*t. "I’m JUST now realizing what I done accomplished & overcome over the past 2 years. I used my hustle to numb the pain & just kept working. It took a Pandemic to hit & slow my ass down for me to take the time out to look up & be proud of myself."

We send our condolences to DaBaby, his family, and his loved ones.