Curren$y's mixtape catalog is massive, almost overwhelmingly so. It's honestly gotten to a point where new fans looking to dive into his older repertoire need an almanac for guidance. And while competition is certainly fierce, one of his most undeniable tapes has to be 2011's Covert Coupproduced in its entirety by The Alchemist

At this moment, Covert Coup is but one of many classic mixtapes yet to make the transition to streaming services; while it's certainly not impossible to find a copy of the project, many have long sought the convenience presented by the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL. As it happens, it would appear that Spitta is looking to facilitate the process, taking to Instagram to tease Covert Coup's transition onto streaming platforms as soon as Friday. 

"Tryna have this available on all streaming sites this Friday," he captions. "Y’all widdit?" Unsurprisingly, Spitta was met with universal approval, all but ensuring that Cover Coup will indeed by making the transition before long. It should be noted that Curren$y has been mentioning the project often of late, fueling speculation that he and Alchemist have already cooked up a sequel; alongside a picture of him and Alc reunited, Spitta offered up a cryptic caption: "the cake has already been baked."

While it certainly feels like Curren$y is setting the stage for a proper sequel to Covert Coup, we'll have to wait and see if he delivers anything solid on that front. In the meantime, stay tuned for his fan-favorite mixtape to hit streaming platforms this Friday, provided Spitta's efforts aren't in vain. Are you excited to revisit the project?