Cuban Doll Remixes Dex Osama's "Death On Me"

Cuban Doll -  Death On Me (Dex Mix)

  April 21, 2018 11:49
Death On Me (Dex Mix)
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"They put money on my head."

The late-Detroit rapper was an inspiration to many in the local rap scene. It appears his immeasurable worth extended far beyond state lines. When the rapper was gunned down in 2015, his death touched many rappers in the Midwest including Dej Loaf & Meek Mill. So it comes as no surprise that rappers continue to pay respect and revisit his catalog. 

Cuban Doll just released her remix to "Death on Me," itself a cult hit in 2014. She preserves the very structure of the song, which is one of intense paranoia. Cuban describes a persistent feeling that manifests out of real life hostility. Cuban Doll insists she is not here "to rap battle you." The separation between reality and rap is something incalculable for us on the outside looking in. Cuban Doll has created an aura of invincibility by hazarding these threats. Her devil-may-care attitude has a way of working itself out, nonetheless.

Quotable Lyrics:

My Momma said keep that check on me
Keep that strap on me
Grab that chop, knock that vest off her
Couldn't lose if I wanted to 'cause my check longer

-Cuban Doll

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