The Dallas Cowboys fell to their division rivals, The Washington Redskins, on Sunday 17-20. Although Ezekiel Elliott is usually more than enough of a threat for the Cowboy's offense, the team is in desperate need of a wide receiver. Elliot was also shut down in the game against the Redskins, which proved that the Cowboys need more options. According to ESPNJerry Jones and the Cowboys have been doing extensive research on Amari Cooper. A trade for the wide receiver may be imminent.

The Raiders have placed Cooper on the trading block, so to say, and have been adamant in demanding a first round pick in return. Sources claim that the Cowboys camp has been reaching out to people who know Cooper well, in order to make a decision on whether he is worth a first-round pick. Cooper is having an underwhelming season, with 22 catches for 280 yards and one touchdown in his first six games. Last year, Cooper's stats were miserable, logging 48 receptions for 680 yards and seven touchdowns in 14 games. 

Reports claim that the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts are also interested in Cooper. He is currently going through the NFL's concussion protocol, but the Raiders had a bye this past weekend regardless.