Conway The Machine is one of the hottest rappers in the world right now.

The rise of Griselda has been amazing to watch. Everything they release is worth listening to and, this fall, they're taking over completely. With only a few months left before Westside Gunn's retirement, the crew is trying to offload everything they've got, remaining consistent in both quality and quantity before the year closes out.

Conway has had a crazy story to get to the position he's in now, getting shot in the head and neck and being paralyzed in his face. He's had to overcome all sorts of obstacles, which he touches on in the latest edition of NPR's Tiny Desk series.

Usually, artists would head over to NPR's studio, which features a library-like set-up for this performance series but, because of the pandemic, performers have been forced to organize everything themselves in innovative manners. Conway was creative and rented out a Sweet Chick restaurant to deliver his, in which he rapped to "Lemon", his feature on "The Cow", "Front Lines", and more tracks from From King To A God.

At times, Conway is a little too far away from his microphone, but for the majority of his performance, he's spot-on with his bars, delivery, flows, and more. It all spans for just over fifteen minutes.

Watch his new Tiny Desk performance and let us know what you think!