The Griselda movement has gone international. Following the release of Conway's excellent From King To A Godan album that has already started to gain serious album of the year buzz, it has been common to see the album cover lining Billboards across the United States -- including Times Square, where Conway and his brother Westside Gunn proudly held it down for Buffalo. And though the ongoing pandemic regulations have rendered international travel difficult to say the least, it would appear that Conway The Machine is looking to head to Canada when all is said and done.

Taking to Instagram to share a picture of a Toronto-based From King To A God billboard, Conway shared a few boards about his willingness to enter the North and bring Griselda across the border for the first time. "Can’t get across the border let me hit drake up Toronto what’s good?!" he writes, calling upon the 6ix God to facilitate his entry. "This album IS and will be the best album you gonna hear for the rest of the year and years to come so let’s run them numbers up!"

Though legal issues previously made Conway's travel to Canada difficult, The Machine had actually managed to sort of his affairs -- in fact, he was actually aiming to plan some Canadian stops prior to the border shutdown. Here's hoping that once things cool down in 2021 -- if they do at all-- Conway and the Griselda team can make a few stops and bring their music to Canadian audiences. And who knows. Maybe we'll get that long-awaited Drake collaboration at some point before then.  

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