While Dr. Dre has more than enough money to score extensive VIP treatment at the upcoming Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight (which is set to air on Saturday, August 26th), it's unclear who the good doctor may be rooting for. Now, it would appear that he has thrown in his support for McGregor, as the controversial Irish fighter is the focal point of the latest Beats by Dre commercial. And while McGregor has had his fair share of critics over the past few months, the nearly three minute commercial serves to humanize the Irishman's seemingly larger-than-life persona. 

The clip showcases a young fighter named Liam scrapping with his mates, paralleled by a footage of a modern day McGregor preparing to enter the ring. All the while, the opening notes of Notorious B.I.G.'s Juciy" build to a crescendo, as McGregor puts on his white Beats headphones and proceeds to reminisce. The clip shifts toward more of a montage format, with footage from Conor's hometown, pre-fight ritual, and the continuing narrative of his youthful doppelganger. It's cool to see the impact McGregor has had on the younger generation, and his impact on a new wave of fighters will be undeniable. 

With the fight only days away and hype at an all time high, it seems like the whole thing will ultimately be a win-win for all parties involved. Even if McGregor loses, as he's highly expected to by many oddsmakers, his brand recognition is at an all time high. And while a Beats commercial is hardly the same as a direct shout-out from the good Doctor himself, the association is the next best thing.

Watch the powerful commercial below, and sound off - come Saturday, who are you rooting for?