Conor McGregor is certainly one of the most outspoken athletes of our time, especially when it comes to the skills of his opponents. McGregor has no issue with calling people out, especially when he feels slighted. Recently, he was particularly upset with the UFC for ranking Dustin Poirier ahead of him. This led to a pretty direct Twitter rant that he eventually deleted.

As you can see from the screenshot below, McGregor referred to Poirier as "pea" and referenced their fight from 2018 in which McGregor won in just 90 seconds. Clearly, McGregor feels some type of way about the UFC even so much as suggesting that Poirier could be better. 

Conor McGregor

Image via Twitter

"How is the pea ahead of me in rankings? I sparked him in 90 seconds. Went further against most recent foe, plus took a round. After two year layoff partying and or in jail/court. What a weird little game you guys play. I’ll bide my time for now but watch this space. All bums," McGregor wrote.

The rankings can be justified thanks to the fact that Mcgregor took a year and a half off before fighting again. Not to mention, his last fight against Donald Cerrone wasn't exactly difficult. Regardless, McGregor is nothing to be messed with and putting Poirier above him has come as a shock to not just McGregor, but his fans as well.