While some initially thought the UFC's latest development "Fight Island" was their first attempt at b-movie production, the reality was far more epic and typically grandiose. With the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world of professional sports, essentially canceling damn near every league out there, Dana White went and secured a private island solely dedicated to staging fights. 

Conor McGregor

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With the construction of "Fight Island" currently nearing completion -- White hopes to have the whole thing up and running by June -- the fighters have already started issuing requests. Yesterday, during an interview with Barstool Sports, Dana revealed that none other than Conor McGregor was chomping at the bit, eager to pick up where his decisive victory against Cowboy left off.

Upon being asked whether McGregor had inquired about his next match, White proceeded to pull out his phone. "He's asking me what date I could fight on 'Fight Island,'" White teased. "And will there be fans? "It sounds like he wants to fight in June. He's asking if there would be fans there. There would not be fans. And the fight would either be mid-June or end of June. But Conor wants to fight."

Though there won't exactly be any fans physically allowed, it's all but guaranteed that the Pay-Per-View numbers would be monumental all the same. At the moment, all that has been revealed is McGregor's desire to fight -- any news about a potential opponent has yet to be unveiled.