Conor McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, has announced that he'll be appearing on the Joe Rogan Podcast tonight to talk about... what else, the chaotic UFC 229 main event and what's next for the McGregor camp.

Rogan, who was on the mic for UFC 229 and had a front row seat to the mayhem, had this to say following the PPV event: "All unfortunate post fight antics aside, we got all our questions answered in the fight itself.@khabib_nurmagomedov is one truly special talent and that was a fucking mauling. I hope they sort out whatever legal issues arise from the post fight brawl, and I hope we never see anything like that again, but as a fan of mixed martial arts his performance was an amazing thing to watch."

Kavanagh took to social media shortly after Saturday night's title fight and the subsequent brawl with a statement that reads, "Another historical night. Amazing atmosphere, technical fight with excitement all the way thru. All that makes MMA a great sport. Shame about the ending. On to the next one."

We'll be getting a much more in-depth discussion about everything that unfolded at UFC 229, as well as what the future holds, on Rogan's podcast today.