All limitations on Andrew Luck have been lifted just in time for training the camp. The Indiannapolis Colts quarterback has been sidelined for the better part of a year for an injury that has beleaguered him for over three years. Luck had originally injured his right shoulder in a 2015 regular season matchup against the Tennessee Titans. Andrew Luck then revisited his injury in 2017, in an operation which aimed to alleviate much of the pain he endured during the 2016 season. Luck didn't grace the pitch last season while he attended rehab sessions in the Netherlands, in fact he hadn't seen any NFL duty since Week 17 of the 2016 season.

Colts general manager Chris Ballard announced his quarterback's clean bill of health in a press conference this afternoon. Ballard that while he doesn't expect Luck to throw on every down in training camp scrimmages, the onus will be on Luck and his teammates to play hard on every drive, like their jobs depended on it. 

"Andrew is an elite competitor and a pretty rare one," Ballard said. "I think we've seen that during his career. I think it's more of playing live football again. I don't think there's any mental restrictions. I think it's more of getting the live reps versus live people. That's the timing, getting used to moving in the pocket. All those are the things you have to get used to."

If Luck can return to his elite level of play, the Colts stand a good chance of not only improving their dismal 4-12, but of breaking even at .500, fingers crossed.

[via ESPN]