The Cleveland Browns own the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and, as always, they are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. 

Clemson's Deshaun Watson and UNC's Mitch Trubisky are the two most likely candidates to have their named called by the Browns if they go the quarterback route at the NFL Draft, but is reporting that there's another QB who is high on Cleveland's radar.

The Browns are reportedly interested in trading for New England Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and sources claim "they'll try to trade for him depending on how their draft evaluations go over the next five weeks or so." Trading for Garoppolo could cost Cleveland the #12 overall pick in this year's draft and more.

The Browns aren't the only team interested in Garoppolo though, as the 49ers (#2 pick in the NFL Draft) are also in need of a QB and could drive up the asking price for the Pats' backup.

FS1's Colin Cowherd seems to think the Browns should trade whatever picks they have in order to land Garoppolo.