Ciara is serious about this comeback of hers. She has been truly consistent in her output so far and fans are loving it. After the release of her lead single "Level Up" and the dance craze it spawned, CiCi keeps the buzz going with her second single "Freak Me." She shot a music video for the Tekno-featured track in Soweto but has added another layer to her promotional materials.

The singer has been sharing visuals of herself in a tribal get up on Instagram. Some posts are beautiful photos while others are videos. Each post includes a sample of her single's lyrics in the caption. Ciara legit looks like a princess and oozes sensual confidence in each take. Her outfit is an intricate mix of beaded and woven materials. She sports a regal headpiece and layered necklaces as she gyrates to her new music. 

Although we often see Ciara in different looks, it might be the first time fans see her glammed up Afrocentric styles. She had previously wowed the public with her interpretation of the "latex goddess" look. Since then, the rollout of her upcoming full-length project has been looking fierce. The 32-year-old is ready to reclaim her lane.