Ciara and Russell Wilson's relationship is progressing at a brisk pace. They began dating in early 2015 and got engaged this March. TMZ reports that the couple has gathered 100 family members and friends in England and will be getting married sometime this week.

Ciara apparently held her bachelorette party in Vegas two weeks ago. TMZ obtained an image of the couple en route to their pre-wedding dinner.

Wilson divorced his ex-wife in 2014, the same year Ciara broke up with her fiancé Future. Ciara has expressed concern that Future is going to "pull up" on Wilson. For now, they are focused on the festivities, and the fact that Wilson can now break his vow of abstinence.

UPDATE: The wedding is scheduled for this afternoon, TMZ reports. Guests will assemble at central location, be transported to a mystery location, and hand over their cell phones before entering the ceremony.