Drake's new album has sparked a new dance craze to the track "In My Feelings." People everywhere are hopping out of cars to break it down to the chorus asking Keke if she's got love and if she's riding. So far we posted on Lil Mama, Odell Beckham Jr. and more all showing off their steps and now Ciara and her husband Russell Simmons are sharing their rendition. 

In the video below you can see the husband and wife stepping out of their whip on a mountaintop with a jaw-dropping view, busting out in song and dance. It's fair to say that Ciara gives it more than Russell and at one point he just sits down and watches his lady break it down. "When you and Bae #DoTheShiggy On Top of Cape Town on ur #Honeymoon," she captions the photo. 


In other Ciara and Russell news, the couple are reportedly pushing to get the city of Portland its own Major League Baseball franchise by joining forces with Portland Diamond Project. Click here for more details.