Chris Rock is a self-professed hip hop head, so it's no surprise that his Hot 97 interview turned into a discussion of the new Kendrick Lamar album so fast. Like many others, Chris is a huge fan of DAMN., Lamar's fourth studio album. Once that was established, his conversation with Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez became about whether the project truly establishes the Compton rapper as one of the greatest ever.

"He's in there," said Chris of Kendrick's possible GOAT status. "I feel this album is really good. It's kind of like [Outkast's] Aquemini or something. It gets better with each listen, and there's different layers to it. You listen to "Pride?" Wooooh. You gotta read. When you gotta punch up the lyrics and read so you don't miss nothin? Nah, he's on a whole 'nother [level]." 

While Rock is hesitant to call Lamar one of the greatest this early in his career, he's definitely begun to entertain the idea. "I believe he has entered the conversation," he said. "This is only 3 albums though -- I guess it's 4 technically. He's up there. He's clearly distanced himself. Him and J. Cole..."

Later on, Chris suggested that Kendrick is setting trends while other artists are chasing them. "Kendrick's one of these guys that -- he doesn't even have to listen to what's pop," he argued. "He's pop. He's so good, it's like 'this is pop now.'"

Watch the full interview above.