After going down 2-1 to the Lakers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Phoenix Suns have gone on a five-game winning streak that doesn't seem to be on the verge of slowing down. They are now up 2-0 on the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the playoffs, and it seems likely that they will quickly dispatch their opponents and move on to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since the Steve Nash era. 

This has been an incredible run for a franchise that hasn't made the postseason in years. While much of the spotlight has been on Devin Booker and Chris Paul, there is no denying just how strong some of the other players have been. In fact, after last night's win, Chris Paul gave Suns MVP status to Deandre Ayton, who has improved tremendously over the past year.

Deandre Ayton

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“He runs, he rebounds, he does everything. He’s literally been the MVP of our postseason so far," Paul said. Ayton certainly has been on a roll as he is currently averaging a double-double in the postseason, all while coming through with clutch baskets and even some stops on defense. 

This Suns team is looking very dangerous right now and if you're the Clippers or the Jazz, you can't help but be worried about what might await you in the next round.