On Rihanna's latest album, "Talk That Talk," she gives us a short version of the song "Birthday Cake." Now we have reports that she will be releasing a remix which will feature her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Missinfo confirmed that Chris Brown is set to be on the remix, and that he recorded both a signing verse and rap verse for it. As well, Brown will appear in the visuals to go with the song.

Most recently Chris Brown attended Rihanna's birthday party, causing rumours to spread throughout the internet-world that her and Brown are on the road to getting back together. Rihanna celebrated her early birthday at the Hearst mansion in Beverly Hills, and she showed up with the singer. Apparently he stayed at the party for the entire night, and the two seemed to have more than a platonic relationship. This, on top of many subliminal tweets on both Rihanna and Brown's part add fuel to the fire. Supposedly though, Brown is still with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

[Rihanna's birthday cake featured her straddling a massive joint via TMZ]