We recently featured a photo gallery of 30 Rapper Mugshots, and Chris Brown (although, yes, technically an r'n'b singer) was not on the list. Today Breezy's recent mugshot has surfaced, and it would make a prime addition to the list. 

Chris Brown's mugshot was taken during his Washington, D.C. arrest back in October, but WUS9 managed to get the photo and leak it to the world wide web for us all to enjoy. The mugshot comes right when Brown's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, is starting his trial stemming from the same Washington, D.C. incident. Brown was accused of punching a man in the face for attempting to photo bomb, while Hollosy confessed to the crime. Thus, both parties are going to be trialed separately for the same matter.

We learned last week that Chris, who is currently behind bars, was transferred to gen pop in Virginia's Northern Neck Regional Jail.

As the Chris Brown Saga continues, we will continue to update you. Take a look at his mugshot in the gallery above.