Chris Brown's recent trip to Paris quickly went south, after the singer found himself being detained over possible rape and gun charges. At the time, many assumed the worst, citing Breezy's prior history as a steadfast declaration of his guilt. Of course, the facts of the matter had yet to surface, and it wasn't long before Breezy was set free, with a defiant declaration of his innocence; in fact, Brown has taken his message a step further, once again implementing "THIS BITCH LYIN" into his latest line of merch, albeit as The Paris Edition

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

Now, TMZ has confirmed that Brown will be making good of his promise to launch a defamation suit, with his lawyer citing a "false accusation, committed on January 18, 2019." Though details remain scarce, it would appear that Breezy and his lawyer and looking to take this one beyond a civil defamation case, though to what capacity has yet to be seen.

Despite being originally detained over the charges, Breezy was ultimately let free after police allegedly took issue with the woman's story. Afterward, Brown returned to his intended purpose, which is to say shooting a music video in the Parisien streets. As of now, the court of public opinion continues to weigh in with their respective takes. More on this story as it develops.