Chris Brown's probation hearing, which was originally delayed, finally took place. However, Breezy had some explaining to do, as he tested positive for marijuana in Virginia, where smoking is illegal. The Judge gave him a break though, and did not revoke his probation.

Chris Brown failed a drug test on June 18th in Virginia, TMZ reports. Brown is completing his community service in his hometown of Virginia, as part of his probation in connection to the assault on Rihanna. According to the probation report, Brown told his P.O. he smoked weed in California, where he has a medical marijuana prescription, and then failed the test in Virginia.

The Judge, Patricia Shnegg, let Brown off easy because she had never ordered Brown to take mandatory drug tests as part of his probation. She reminded Breezy to obey all laws. Shnegg also ordered Brown's case to be moved to California entirely, as that's where he currently resides.