With Chief Keef's new-found freedom, all rules are going out the window. The rapper has been dropping a lot of leaks lately, but he's topped all of those by uploading four new mixtapes to his YouTube today.

There aren't any tracklists or credits listed, so it'll be a bit of a guessing game when you listen. We'll update you once/if tracklists arrive. For now, we've got a stream of a Crashing Computers (50-minute long mixtape), UFOverload2 (also a 50-minute mixtape), B4 Da EP (26-minute EP) and finally, Mansion Musick (45 minutes worth of music). 

If they become available for download, you'll be able to grab them in our mixtape section. 

Stream each below in the meantime. 

[via Complex]

[Edit: According to Chief Keef's Instagram, "Mansion Musick" is expected to drop November 28th, "UFOverload 2" around Christmas, and "Crashin Computers" New Years Day. The streams above are unofficial.]