Chief Keef found himself in handcuffs earlier today. Strangely enough, the arrest seemed to coincide with the release of Keef's new song, "Kills," which arrived with an accompanying music video.

Keef and 4 others were brought in for questioning, but at the time of the TMZ report (5:50 PM EST), Keef had not been charged with anything. His release hasn't been officially confirmed, though he has been sharing his new "Kills" video via Twitter. 

The cops reportedly stopped Keef's green Lamborghini after they saw his passenger get out of the car and start talking to the vehicle behind them, as they believed a suspicious exchange had taken place. Witnesses told TMZ that weed was found in at least one of the vehicles. 

Some (fan) videos of the arrest were taken at the scene. "You ain't gon' get me for shit," Keef confidently says while cops lead him away from his Lambo.