To each their own, but DJ Khaled's "No Brainer" feels like a failed attempt of the archetypal "Summer Banger." Call me crazy, but I feel like Khaled covered this ground on "I'm The One" with a near-identical cast. Chance the Rapper is the most egregious of choices here. The Chicago rapper is basically Theo Huxtable reborn, and we saw that first hand when he blurred out the closing sentence on "No Brainer" something to the effect of "blruhgh alduyd."

The charitable rapper has since revealed the words he chose to censor as "Booty Applaud," big shocker. Chance posted those very words and nothing else, but the message was pretty implicit. One fan hurried to the front of the class to ask him if he represented Christian rap or a Christian value set, to which he responded "Yes."

As much as I'd hate to admit I have little recourse in criticizing him. He's a good samaritan, probably a good dad. His music is decent, even his brother Taylor is both singular and self-driven, qualities I look for in a human. And lastly, I know Chance is in on the joke. Being a dissident sells records, no matter what side you ascribe to.