Chance The Rapper has been expanding his brand. It was recently announced he would be making the foray into executive producer territory, linking up with Chicago's own Dwyane Wade to deliver a basketball documentary called Shot In The Dark. Premiering on the unlikely home of FOX, Shot In The Dark is set to air on February 24th. If you're unaware of the premise, the doc will largely chronicle Orr's basketball academy, and their struggles both on and off the court. With inner-city Chicago as the backdrop, the struggle to keep focused  in a dangerous, gangland environment looks to be a driving and captivating narrative. Now, a the project's debut trailer has surfaced, which gives a better look at the project's tone.

It's clear that this project is an important one for Chance and Wade alike. Not only does the doc follow the team as they establish themselves as a force on the court, but also delves into more personal territory. It doesn't seem to shy away from the violence surrounding these young men. Invariably, this will lead some truly emotional moments, so be warned.

Shot In The Dark marks yet another moment highlighting Chance's penchant for activism, expanding on the work he's been doing to raise awareness toward Chicago's community struggles. All in all this is powerful stuff, so check out the full trailer below.