Its been a while since we've heard a full project from Chamillionaire, but that should all change soon as he announced earlier today that he has a new project coming for us next month titled Elevate. The Houston rapper took to his personal website to reveal the artwork for the EP along with a release date. Chamillionaire is doing something a little different for this EP however, and had this to say about it: 

"I will be releasing a new EP called ELEVATE on FEB 12th on The first 500 copies will be autographed and each autographed copy will be numbered. That means if you receive the 7th cd it will say 7/500 on it. There will ONLY be 500 autographed copies. I will only press up 1000 CDs total (Maybe I will make more later but if so I probably won't make them available until later after the next one comes out). This way would make the amount of volume I have to ship easier for me to control. The CDs will ship on Monday February 11th and will release on Feb 12th. Elevate will have real songs on it and will probably have about 7 songs."

Chamillionaire mentions that the autographed copies will probably be sold out quickly and suggests anyone interested in the signature copy to jump on that now. This will be just one of many EP's that Chamillionaire is planning on dropping leading up to his 'Poison' album. 

Pre-orders can be made here.