After the conclusion of last night's Game 5 in Boston, in which the Celtics eliminated the Sixers by the final of 114-112, Joel Embiid left the court immediately and headed back to the locker room. Embiid, who had talked plenty of trash throughout the series, missed the game-tying shot with 11 seconds remaining and had the rebound bounce off his leg, giving the Celtics possession and control of the game.

According to Yahoo Sports' Ben Rohrbach, several Celtics players were ticked off that Embiid didn't shake their hands or pay respect after the game, especially considering all of his trash talk. Rohrbach says one player in the Celtics locker room said, "at least man up" when discussing Embiid's quick exit to the locker room. 

It's worth noting, Embiid later tipped his cap to the Celtics during his post-game press conference, telling reporters, "Gotta give them a lot of respect. They play well together. They made some tough shots throughout the series...It sucks, but you gotta learn from it and come back next year even better."

Embiid also posted a message on twitter that reads, "Not the way I wanted it to end but Hell of a series... Much respect to Boston and those fans.. y’all made it fun #TheProcess."