Earlier this week, Carmelo Anthony's trainer Chris Brickley was in the news thanks to some comments he made regarding Melo and his future NBA prospects. The trainer said Anthony is better than 60 to 70 percent of the players currently in the league and that he absolutely deserves a roster spot. Some people found these comments to be peculiar and untrue considering Melo's recent exploits out on the court. Yesterday, Brickley took to Instagram where he clarified what he said, all while making sure people know he meant it when he said Anthony belongs in the NBA.

"To set things straight. My well publicized comments about @carmeloanthonywere MY personal opinions and I’m not speaking for Melo or anyone else," Brickley wrote. "I stand completely by the fact he deserves to be in the league. I also stand by the fact when he decides to move on it should be on his own terms. He has a lot to offer any team on and off the court."


As of right now, Melo's NBA career remains up in the air as it doesn't seem like any teams are trying to take a waiver on him. It's a sad state of affairs when you think about how great of a player he was during his prime.

Regardless, Melo's journey back to the league will be a focal point of the summer as the NBA season approaches.