Carmelo Anthony has been a huge source of debate for NBA fans these days as some feel as though his time in the league has come and went. Others believe Anthony could lace up and play for any team and instantly make them better. Regardless of where you fall in this debate, it's clear that teams are hesitant to take a chance on Melo as he hasn't been offered a contract this offseason. Despite this, his trainer Chris Brickley still has a ton of confidence in him and had some strong words during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club.

When asked about Melo's future in the league, Brickley said there is no denying that Anthony can make an impact as he's better than a large chunk of those in the league right now.

“He’s easily better than 60 percent, 70 percent of the NBA players walking around,”  Brickley said. “It’s just that teams are afraid of ‘I want to be a starter.’ It’s not the case. Melo just wants to have a farewell season, do what D-Wade did. Have a jersey swap. He had a great career, he’s a Hall of Famer. So hopefully that could happen.”

So far, there have been rumors that Melo will join the Los Angeles Lakers but he has also stated that he wouldn't mind returning to the New York Knicks.

How do you feel about Brickley's comments? Is he right or is he completely off?