Cardi B is riding a high after last night's Grammy Awards. She became the first female rapper to claim Album of The Year and gave a jaw-dropping performance. The family woman also made her first major appearance with her husband after months of public drama. The "Ring" artist is feeling thankful and took the time to film a video message to express her gratitude. Peep her passionate spiel in the clip below.

The video shows the enthusiastic emcee thanking all of her supporters, fans, and colleagues. The Bardi Gang got a shoutout for riding in loyalty "through the good and the bad....the fake and the lies."

 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Cardi also pointed out that she appreciates all of the awards she receives regardless of the number of acknowledgments she receives. Each one is kept at her mother's house, including those won in foreign countries. "Every award, to her, is just as special and is just as special to me," she explained.

Then comes thanks for the backbone of her journey, the Most High in the sky, G-O-D."Thank you for covering me with the blood of your son," she said in reference to the most celebrated (sort of) human sacrifice of all time.