The lawsuit between Cardi B and blogger Latasha K shows no signs of coming to an end any time soon. The case started when Latasha K spread rumors of Cardi B having herpes and had the audacity to claim that baby Kulture would be born with intellectual disabilities. By no surprise, Cardi sued for defamation and after the rapper called Latasha out by name on an Instagram Live video, the vlogger then went after Cardi claiming she was receiving "gang-related threats." 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Blast now reports that Latasha is working fiercely to attain the "Money" rapper's private text messages in an effort to boost her case. Latasha is attempting to have Cardi cough up “any and all videos created and published by Plaintiff to her social media accounts, regarding Kebe”, “any and all written posts published by plaintiff to her social media posts”, “all direct and/or private messages between Plaintiff and Kebe on various social media accounts.”

When Latasha first posted videos discussing made-up reports about Cardi, the "Press" rapper asked her to remove them but was met with an ultimatum when she was asked to do an interview but Cardi obviously declined. 

The case is still ongoing.