Under a year since the release of "Bodak Yellow," Cardi B is consistently breaking new ground on the charts. Last month, she became the first artist to occupy 5 of the top ten slots on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Charts with her first five entries to Billboard. Pretty much anything she touches right now has the potential to become a hit, and the same may be true of her "Ahora Dice" remix, previewed on her Instagram Saturday.

The clip shows Cardi singing in Spanish as well as rapping in English, where she seems to confront an ex. "You ain't cherish it when you had it / Turned me back to a savage," she raps. "You had you a ten / But now you a dub / You ain't here but you wishin' you was / You gon' miss grabbin' this ass / Now you can miss me with them subs / You don't gotta check on me / 'Cause I got a check on me / I don't need nothing from nobody / Not you especially / And you know that I'm the baddest / Cartier glasses, Fendi fabric / And I'm years away from basic / And I'm miles away from average / But one thing ain't adding up to me / How you gon' mess with a bitch that look up to me?"

The original song, by Puerto Rican producer Chris Jeday, was a hit on the Latin charts in 2017. It has been certified 2x Platinum (Latin) in the U.S. (songs that features at least 51% of content in Spanish reach platinum certification at 60,000 units). Cardi hinted that a full version of the remix was coming soon in her caption. "I DONT THINK THEY READY FOR THE whole REMIX," she said. "This is one my favorite songs." If the song does get an officially released remix with Cardi, it seems likely it could have a second wind on the charts. 

Watch the whole clip above and listen to the original track, which features J. Balvin, Arcángel, and Ozuna, below.