Cardi B has been hella pregnant lately. The "I Like It" rapper could bust at anything to give birth to the daughter she is expecting alongside her husband, Offset. Although the newly married couple is quite public about some parts of their relationship, they also tend to keep particular moments private. For instance, their wedding was the most private affair. The couple married in virtual secrecy, doing so without rings or artifice, in the presence of her cousin as the only witness. Cardi B only revealed the marriage after the jump to get people to stop yapping about her being on the path to having a child out of wedlock. Today, the artist is placed in a similar position. Since many people are claiming that her daughter has already arrived into the world, Cardi came on social media to show that she is indeed still pregnant. From the looks of it, the labor does not seem to have been induced as of yet.

For some reason, this video inspired people to speculate about the location of her maternity room. Apparently, her room's wallpaper trim is a "dead ringer" to that of a particular hospital in Atlanta. People can't seem to let the pregnant lady be.