We were in New Orleans for the NBA All-Star's festivities this past weekend and had the opportunity to speak with Cam'ron about a range of topics including his upcoming Reebok collab (which will be dropping this Summer), his craziest All-Star memory, and whether or not he'd ever participate in a celebrity All-Star game.

It all went down on NOLA's famed Bourbon Street at a special venue set up by Reebok Classics and Footaction right before he performed in front of fans at the "Classic In The Courtyard" event which also featured Reebok endorsers Teyana Taylor and Curren$y.

With Mardi Gras getting underway out in front of the building and fans piling into the courtyard to watch Cam perform, the scene was absolutely chaotic but, as always, Killa Cam was as cool as the other side of the pillow leading up to his set.

And when he took the mic on that balcony above the crowds standing below, he delivered an epic performance while draped in a red Dipset terry velour robe.

Like so:


Check out some additional photos from Cam's "Classic In The Courtyard" performance in the gallery above, as well as our chat with him below.

You just dropped the pink sueded Fleebok 2s. When's the next Reebok collab dropping?

"We're actually in design right now for the Fleebok 3s. We'll probably have the design done by the end of the month, but right now we're just figuring out which style we're gonna use and what angle we're gonna go with."

"Each quarter Reebok puts out different shoes, so I have my option from three different shoes to pick from and I'm not sure exactly what one I'm going to use yet."


What's your favorite part about being in New Orleans?

"Well you know with me, a lot of places I go I base off music. First time I came here, even the last time I came here, I wanted to go where Master P grew up to see what inspired him to do No Limit, or Cash Money, or Baby and Juvenile and Lil Wayne. So I go to their neighbourhoods to see what it looks like and what inspired them to make their movement."

"But I really like it because you get a lot of inspiration from what inspired those guys and what made them do what they did to get outta here."


So how would you compare the Magnolia Projects to where you grew up in Harlem?

"Well I would say besides Detroit, and besides Chicago, the projects are way different because the highest projects go are two or three floors. Maybe four or five. In New York, the projects are 32 floors, 17 floors, 25 floors, so you know they stack us on top of each other as opposed to spreading us out."

"I wouldn't say it's a really big comparison, but you know just the culture around the projects is pretty much the same."


Craziest NBA All-Star story?

"One crazy story is probably in like '01 or some shit, we almost got into a fight. One of my friends had one leg and he was getting into some arguments with some dude and we almost got into a fight with some people. He just kept wanting to fight, but he only had one leg and shit. It was at an after party too, it was really crazy."


Has the league ever invited you to play in the Celebrity All-Star Game? Would you participate if they did?

"I think my image is a little to raunchy, so I haven't been invited to one yet. But, if I did get invited it would depend on when they invited me. They would have to let me know a month ahead of time so I could get in shape, I'm not really in basketball shape right now. But if you give me a week or two, I'll be in good shape."


If they gave you a month, you think you could drop a double nickel out there against guys like Peter Rosenberg?



Best Rapper in the NBA today?

 "Damian Lillard."


How would you rate my dunk (vid below) on a scale of 1-10?

"Are you dunking over something!? I would say that would be a 10 if you jumped over the bed without cheating."

"Wait a minute are you right handed or left handed?"



Too late the score's already in.