Cam'ron seems to be back in action these days. We've heard from him more in the past month than we have in 2013, at least, it seems that way. The rapper is working on an EP with A-Trak, Federal Reserve, for which anticipation has been growing since the release of "Humphrey."He's got a set of capes with Mark McNairy which hit the runway at New York Fashion Week last week. Now we've learned that Cam also has something in the works with a fellow New Yorker, Smoke DZA.

We definitely didn't see a Killa Cam and Kushed God collaboration coming, but we're not mad. The rapper spoke on the project briefly with MissInfo, confirming that his First Of The Month project is also still coming out-- possibly next month.

"I got the First of the Month project coming out probably next month" Cam says while talking to Info. "Dame put together the A-Trak collaboration which is called Federal Reserve. Me and Smoke Dza got a project going on. It’s like five different projects, basically what we’re doing now is just trying to figure out the timing for everything. It’s probably a 150 new songs done."

Who's looking forward to hearing those 150 records? Catch the short interview below.