Well here's something that we hear too much of, but yet still seems to happen quite often. If you're going to do business with somebody for a large amount of money, make sure you have some sort of signed legal documentation or contract to back it. According to hiphopwired, Brooklyn promoter, Lou Galluch, allegedly lost $7,000 for Cam'ron to perform at his New Years Eve party which he never attended.

According to Galluch, he had to pay 8,000 to book the Dipset artist through a mutual contact. However the day before NYE, Galluch's contact had to leave town for some family issue and referred Cam's DJ, Moe Sticky, to finish the business deal. This is what Galluch had said:

 "So I meet [Moe Sticky] that next day [Sunday], and I said, 'Bring the signed contracts and I'll give you the money,'" Galluch told the Village Voice. "He shows up with no contracts, and I have the money. This is the day before New Year's, everything is happening. Promotion has gone out, pre-sales are coming in...and they show up with no contracts...[my original contact says,] 'Yeah, [Cam'ron]'s gonna show, give [Moe] the money.'"

Following this exchange, Galluch gave Moe Sticky $3,000 deposit for assurance that Cam' ron will show at the event. However when push came to shove, there was no Cam. Galluch mentioned that Cam'ron was supposed to hit the stage around 3:00 AM, but with the venue not at capacity, he wished to push back his performance til 4:30 AM. Moe Sticky allegedly agreed to these terms if he received another $2,000. Now, when it came time to hit the stage again, Galluch says this is where Cam'ron, Moe Sticky and the rest of their team had dipped out with the money and no performance. Of course, there's two sides to every story and Moe Sticky has his. However, Galluch isn't planning to follow through with on any sort of lawsuit and he doesn't blame Cam'ron for the "sticky" situation.